11ty build vs. serverless vs. edge

Zach explains the difference of build, serverless, and edge for 11ty rendering modes. The video is taken from ELEVENTY: BUILD VS. SERVERLESS VS. EDGE where …

Jamstack Community Survey 2021

This is an interesting survey: Jamming into the Mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021. E.g., in the Jamstack adoption section you learn that serverless functions are …

Jamstack in 20 minutes

The Jamstack comes with the promise to make websites faster, more secure, and to provide a better developer experience. Why is that the case?

zl-fetch, a simplified fetch

Zell Liew has written a simplified wrapper around fetch, named zl-fetch, that looks promising. From the current v4.0.0 onwards, zl-fetch is a ESM library. It …

List of ECMAScript 6 features

A list of lists: Luke Hoban (+27 contributors) compiled a comprehensive list of the features new with ES6 on GitHub. Another list, which puts ES6 …

Coder Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum for coders: Coder Ipsum. It´s made by Sia Karamelegos and she says about the tool: Thought-leadership synergistic programming filler text for your next …

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