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Welcome! My name is Ulf Schneider and this is my website. I´m a software developer and agile coach.

At this place I´m taking notes about things that resonate with me, like web development, web accessibility, agile software development, and fast bicycles. My most recent riding tool is a Fairlight Strael steel-bike build.

Writing this blog is helping me to clarify my thoughts. Over time, it became the external memory of topics I want to have in short reach. Because I get so much inspiration and valuable information from people who are sharing their thoughts via their blogs, I also want to contribute by making available what I have. You might find that useful, or not.

This site is also my playing field for web technologies. It´s here, where I implemented my first service worker. I enjoy exploring new topics in web development by experimenting and integrating them here into my personal site. Since some time I like the Jamstack.

Every now and then my son Emil makes a drawing, which I aim to capture here. Emil created a picture of the virus at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Emil also made a drawing of a smiling unicorn.

My path through 30 years of software went like this:

1991 – 1996 University
I graduated at the University of Paderborn (Dipl.-Wirt. Inform.).
1996 – 2006 IBM Global Services
Ten years with IBM Global Services as a developer and software architect.
2006 – 2014 Self-employment
Seven years self-employed as an agile coach, architect and trainer.
2014 – 2023 Diebold Nixdorf
Eight years employed as a software developer and agile coach at Diebold Nixdorf, heading the Professional Services Processes & Quality team when leaving the company.
2023 – today Weidmüller Interface
Since February 2023 I am working as a software developer at Weidmüller Interface on the new Rail Configurator.

Connect with me

Email: mail@ulfschneider.io
Mastodon: ulfschneider@fosstodon.org
RSS: ulfschneider.io/feed.xml
Phone: +49 163 2505164

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