Grug brained dev

The Grug Brained Developer is so good!

complexity bad
say again:
complexity very bad
you say now:
complexity very, very bad
given choice between complexity or one on one against t-rex, grug take t-rex: at least grug see t-rex
complexity is spirit demon that enter codebase through well-meaning but ultimately very clubbable non grug-brain developers and project managers who not fear complexity spirit demon or even know about sometime
one day code base understandable and grug can get work done, everything good!
next day impossible: complexity demon spirit has entered code and very dangerous situation!
best weapon against complexity spirit demon is magic word: „no“
„no, grug not build that feature“
„no, grug not build that abstraction“
„no, grug not put water on body every day or drink less black think juice you stop repeat ask now“

The Grug Brained Developer