A collection of drawings made by Emil.

A name plate for Emil
A drawn card of a pokement and its properties.
A watercolor drawing of a green tree with red fruit dots.
A red fruit tree
Harry Potter
A blue blossom painted with watercolors in front of a light blue background and red horizontal strip on tob and on the bottom.
Blue blossom
A green holiday card with a drawing of the head of a bunny with long ears and a smiling face. At the bottom of the card is hand written 'Frohe Osrtern', which means happy easter holidays.
The happy easter bunny
A watercolor picture with multiplication tasks like 9x9, 3x3, and the like with black watercolor.
Multiplication procrastination
Emil made green, blue, and orange stamps with his colored thumb on a white paper. Then he used a blue fineliner to complete the stamps by drawing animals. A bat and three birds.
Funny thumb figures
A watercolor painting with blue, red, and orange lines that cross each other at 90 degrees. In the middle is blue dot.
Colorful abstract
A black and white watercolor painting with straight lines and dots.
Black abstract
A snake-like dragon with a light green body and orange feathers.
A house made of paperboard and painted colorful with watercolors. The is house standing on the floor.
Conversation with a gnome
A watercolor painting of a bird with green-yellow-brown wings in a green landscape with blue clouds and a yellow sun.
Colorful bird
Ninjago´s fighting against the emperium robot
Emil points to his whiteboard, which contains a list of activities for the day.
The plan for the day
A watercolor painting of blue sky and blue see with an intense yellow sun.
Sun, sky, and the sea
A dense handwritten paper with names of Pokemons. Each Pokemon with its size and type (like fire, plant, ghost, and so on)
Pokemon catalog
A light blue flower vase against a bright yellow background with five different colored flowers in it.
A watercolor drawing of the Harry Potter character named Dobby.
A colorful image by Emil that prompts to enlist yourself for his Graysckull working group
Grayskull ag
The important things
Four sheets of white paper taped together to form a big paper sheet. A half contains a colorful map with Pokemon figures, the other half is in progress.
Pokemon land
A mostly black and white sketch sign and names of Ninjago figures, like Nya and Gol.
The world of Ninjago
Emil holding a paper strip with the names of many pokemons written very dense.
A current list of important pokemons
Emil holding a paper-made purple colored teapot with a face drawn on it. The teapot is a teapot-pokemon!
The teapot pokemon
A drawing of a purple coloured owl waving with one wing to greet you. The name EMIL is written in capital letters at the top of the paper.
Owl waving with one wing
The unknown Pokemon
A school working sheet with sentences to read about a wizard who pulls a rabbit out of a hat. The upper half of the sheet contains a partially completed drawing of the wizard. The drawing needs to be completed by using the information that is given in the reading text.
The rabbit
A house drawn with black felt tip pen. The chimney is drawn with a red felt tip pin and so are the clouds, the sun, the flowers, and a big butterfly.
The black and red house
A crumpled envelop with drawings of a christmas tree, a christmas wreath with four candles, an angel, and the lettering of Emil.
Past christmas impressions
The list says in german: 1 Vogelhaus, 1 Pokemon Kuscheltier Viscogon ohne Panzer, 1 Pack Pokemon Karten, Dragons Kotz und Würg und Raffnuss und Taffnuss
Emil´s wishlist for Christmas 2022
The musician angel
Angel to pass the time
A friendly black bat with big white eyes in front of a dark blue background
Halloween bat
A drawing of Räuber Hotzenplotz holding a pistol in his left hand. He has seven knives in his leather belt and a pointed black hat with red hatband.
Räuber Hotzenplotz
Black forrest
A white and wide paper format with colorful tiny figures.
Funny Figures
Wasps nest
We want peace on earth
Monochrome house
The doll
Monday morning
Happy Holidays 2021
Two kites
The Christmas Collection
A smiling unicorn steering a kite with its horn
The hairy guy
Two castle ghosts having fun flying around
Quetzalcoatlus and others
A black and white drawing a pirates head
Sketch of a pirate
Three hedgehogs walking in a row under a yellow sun.
Three hedgehogs
A fairy with wings
Fairy with wings
The stripling man with a black forest cherry tart
An abstract drawing of a pirate with a beard and a scar.
A Pirate
The alphabet, written by Emil
A colorized newspaper
Working on grid layout
A name plate for my room
Colorful homes
House with rainbow
Zippel the castle ghost is flying around
Hand-drawn image on sticky a note showing Emil´s name and me laying on the floor
Practicing Yoga
A postcard with a hand drawing of a fliewatuut and a handwritten greeting, explaining the fliewatuut is getting chased by airplanes.
Fliewatuut chased by airplanes
A black and white graffiti
What Emil calls a graffiti
Hand-drawn by Emil: The fairy flies through the skylight of the house
The fairy flies through the skylight of the house
A withered flower, a flower, and krickelkrackel
A withered flower, a flower, and krickelkrackel
Heart of gold
Heart of gold
Early morning on our way to the Kindergarten and it´s snowing
Santa claus with four legs
A tree
Colouring picture
Rainbow in the middle
Autumn with a colorful "Blocksberg"
A family of three in the winter
Picture with a witch, a house, and flowers with red fairydust
Fairydust and green sun
Witch´s mountain
Sun, sky, trees, ladybugs
Witch´s spell
Figures from the movie Robbi, Tobbi, and the Fliewatuut
Impressions from Robbi, Tobbi, and the Fliewatuut
Emils picture of Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatuut
Robbi, Tobbi, and the Fliewatuut
Fairy Dust
Flowing energy
A paderstone with beach, house and sun
Making use of old paper
Ladybirds, fairy dust, and witches on witches broomsticks
Emil discovers the luxury of whitespace
Snakes with Poison Dots
The Coronavirus