GitHub Learning Lab

The GitHub Learning Lab provides online training courses for free about DevOps, GitHub Actions, Languages and Tools, and GitHub 😃.

Better Web Typography

Matej´s course on Better Web Typography is structured into seven parts which will be mailed to you, once you subscribed to the course. Matej is …

Learn eleventy from scratch

Learn Eleventy From Scratch is a training made by Andy Bell. It´s a practical, well organized, and well written course that allows you to get …

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Will match documents with words beginning with foo.
foo bar
Will match documents that contain foo or bar.
+foo bar -baz
Will match documents that must contain foo, might contain bar and must not contain baz.
Will match boo, as it requires a single (~1) edit (replacing f with b), but boot would not as it also requires an additional t at the end.