I like these things especially.

Design principles for the web

A great talk by Jeremy Keith about design principles. Jeremy refers to Design Squiggle and the Double Design Diamond (which can be seen as two …

Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator

That´s quite useful. A generator from Mozilla to create proper SSL configuration files for various http servers (Apache, nginx, Tomcat, …). Visit ssl-config.mozilla.org.

Around Bad Driburg

Road bike tour: 82.16 km and 1391 m up. A very beautiful ride. Calm streets mostly but a lot of climbing. Bike Router Track GPX …

Search help
Will match documents with words beginning with foo.
foo bar
Will match documents that contain foo or bar.
+foo bar -baz
Will match documents that must contain foo, might contain bar and must not contain baz.
Will match boo, as it requires a single (~1) edit (replacing f with b), but boot would not as it also requires an additional t at the end.