AI is good at input

Jeremy Keith published a transcript and the slides of his talk about Web3, AI and Design. The AI-part is helping me a lot to get a better understanding about the topic.

Use these tools for inputs, not outputs. I would never publish the output of one of these tools publicly. But I might use one of these tools at the beginning of the process to get over the blank page. If I want to get a bunch of mediocre ideas out of the way quickly, these tools can help.

Jeremy Keith

Here is my compressed list of Jeremy´s statements:

Jeremy´s transcript, transformed by ChatGPT into a summary, not longer than 200 words

In a talk at the Design Business Association gathering in Brighton, the speaker discusses the concepts of „Web3“ and „AI“. Regarding „Web3“, the speaker explains that it is a meaningless term often used to sell products or solutions. The mention of blockchain in relation to Web3 is seen as a solution in search of a problem. Moving on to „AI“, the speaker describes it as a term that encompasses various technologies like large language models and machine learning. These models work by compressing data into tokens, which can generate outputs that may or may not match objective reality. The speaker suggests that AI can be seen as an advanced autocomplete tool, useful for transformations and generating quick ideas, but not as a problem-defining tool. The speaker warns against buying into the hype surrounding AI, driven by venture capital investments, and encourages businesses to focus on practical applications of the technology. The talk concludes with recommendations for further reading on AI and machine learning.