Responsive images that adapt in width and height

The below image will adapt not only to a change of the windows width but also to a change of its height. Try it by yourself by resizing your browser window and see how the image adapts to your window dimensions.

ZFIL Unna, The future of light art, 2015

The effect can be produced with a few lines of CSS. You can size images so that a complete image will fit into the browser window. Even in a small browser window, a viewing or reading user can see the image all at once, without the need of scrolling up and down for a complete impression. I think for images in flowing text such a setting makes sense.

img {
max-width: 100%; /* make the image responsive and allow it
to take at max 100% of the available width
- this will make the image adapt to window width */

height: auto; /* do not have a fixed setting for height */

max-height: 80vh; /* the image will take at max 80%
of the height of the browser window
- this will make the image adapt to window height*/

object-fit: contain; /* fit the image into the available
dimensions while preserving aspect ratio */

object-position: left; /*align the image to the left
inside of the available box*/


The reference box enclosing the downsized image is determined by the original dimensions of the image. For example, if the unmodified image is 900px wide and you set max-height: 50vh; object-fit: contain; object-position: right;, the right boundary of the downsized image will be right-aligned to the 900px and will not move further right, even if there would be available space.

For completeness, the following HTML produces exactly the output you have been watching at the beginning of document.

<img src="/img/journal/IMG_8256.jpg"
style="max-width: 100%;
height: auto;
max-height: 80vh;
object-fit: contain;
object-position: left;

<a href="">ZFIL Unna</a>,
The future of light art, 2015