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The Deno blog entry The Future (and the Past) of the Web is Server Side Rendering is touching important points: website size, speed, and robustness. I became more aware of Deno because Netlify is running their Edge Functions in Deno, and because the Shop Talk Show has an interesting talk with Ryan Dahl in its episode 546: Ryan Dahl and Deno. Ryan previously invented the Node.js project, and now he is with Deno on his second big invention project. What´s going on with Deno needs attention, in my view.

Some quick notes from the blog article:

Whenever possible, I prefer Server-Side Rendering over Single Page Apps and Client-Side Rendering. Also, Edge makes sense to me.[1] You can have all of that without the Fresh framework, but because the Deno folks for sure know what they are doing, it will be interesting to follow their activities.

  1. I have been educating myself about that in Jamstack in 20 minutes and Evolution of the Jamstack. ↩︎