Things I come across from day to day. is a website speed test tool by Netlify that measures site performance for different locations: San Francisco New York Frankfurt Sao Paulo Sidney Tokio …

Reduce PDF size on a Mac

You can use the Mac Preview app to reduce the size of any PDF file. The default steps are Open the PDF with the Preview …

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

From the preface: For more than four decades, the 1977 edition of The Effects of Nuclear Weapons has been a mainstay for anyone doing unclassified … ist die von der Bundesnetzagentur betriebene Plattform zur Veranschaulichung der Stromerzeugung und des Strommarktes in Deutschland.


This is brilliant. Cooklang, a language for personal cooking recipe management. Here’s how the Cooklang ecosystem makes that happen: All recipes are human-readable text files. …

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