Alternate and Keychron Q6

At the beginning of 2023 I bought the most expensive keyboard I ever had, a Keychron Q6 Knob which I use for programming on a MacBook. I ordered the keyboard at Alternate and everything was fine so far. After six months of use, the CMD-Tab key combination was no longer working reliably. In 50% of cases it was not working and when it was not working I sometimes had to repeat the keys multiple times until I could switch the application.

During 35 years of programming I never had a keyboard that failed in any way, and all of them were far less expensive. I contacted Alternate last week to let them know about my issue. Before I could talk to a real person, a hotline robot told me they are currently pretty busy because of difficulties of an internal software change. Anyway, at some point (it did not take for too long) I could talk to someone and they quickly informed me about the process to return the keyboard – you have to announce it on their website and can then print out a label for cost-free sending. I did as I was told and just a week later I received a brand new Q6 Knob without any fuss. I´m pleased about the service, because I expected this would become more difficult. So, thank you Alternate! I hope the new Q6 will stay alive much longer.