A New Era

I watched Bauhaus: A New Era over the Christmas vacation time (again) and enjoyed it very much. The series is focusing on the first half of the 1920´s, when the Bauhaus was in Weimar. The story, the music, the adventurous and avant garde atmosphere that must have been dominant among masters and students – I like it how the series is capturing that.

Not everything the Bauhaus did could stand the test of real life usage. Still, the Bauhaus was super important. In my view the biggest impact came from the revolutionary approach, to put things into question, to try out new things, which I believe, was necessary at the time after the first world war. The Bauhaus masters, students, and their ideas spread across the world. The same attitude is of help again nowadays.

Bauhaus: A New Era, Trailer from 2019

We visited the Bauhaus Weimar and the Bauhaus Dessau two times, in 2013 and then again 2015. The second time we even spent a night in the Prellerhaus in Dessau, where former Bauhaus students lived. Below I share some of the photos I took back then. The photos are from Bauhaus Dessau, which originated during the second half of the 1920´s.