Paderborn, Velmerstot, Silbermühle, Externsteine, Gauseköte, Kohlstädt, Neuenbeken

Mountainbike tour: 71km and 1445 m up. A beautiful cross country ride. Exactly on the route are two options to have a rest and get something to drink or to eat: Silbermühle[1] after the first third of the ride and Kreuzkrug[2] after the second third.

  1. Silbermühle, Neuer Teich 57, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
    Mon–Thu open 14:00–21:30
    Fri–Sun open 13:00–21:30 ↩︎

  2. Kreuzkrug, Kreuzkrug 1, 33189 Schlangen
    Mon–Tue closed
    Wed–Fri open 15:00–22:30
    Sat–Sun open 11:30–22:30 ↩︎