File your workout routines and get a nice graphical overview of your achievements and improvements.

Go to, Sign in and start tracking. Tracker is free.

File a track

An example of a filed track is:

Today 13:30 bike 3h46m 94.6km 25.06km/h 995mtr-up //cold ride, started at minus 5°C and came back at plus 5°C

Step by step:

Submit your track by pressing ENTER or clicking/touching the Submit button.

Display tracks

Tracks are being displayed in two ways: as an ordered table, where the most recent activities are listed at the top,
and as a chart, which will visualize all tracks that are contained in the ordered table.

In the chart, you can filter down further and hide away those tracks you are currently not interested in.
The filter controls visualize the total duration of your tracks, as well as the sum for any other unit that you collected.
There is one particular case for your units – if the unit contains a slash (/), like in km/h, which means kilometers per hour, the units are not merely summed up, but the average is being calculated. All figures are only for the currently filtered tracks.

Query tracks

Analyze your data by querying specific tracks and time ranges. Place your queries in the text entry field labeled Query tracks. An example of a query is:

oct…dec bike

This will list all bike tracks for October, November, and December of the current year. You can select multiple tracks in one query, like **#bike run**, which would select all bike and run tracks. The time range selector allows you to do the following:

Submit your query by pressing ENTER or clicking/touching the Query button.

Enjoy your sports routine!