Paderborn Buffalo Bike Charity Ride

The Buffalo Bike is designed with the purpose of mobilizing people who otherwise would have to walk long miles each day just to survive. The walking distance becomes a barrier to attending school, receiving healthcare, delivering goods to market and other critical services needed to thrive. Visit World Bicycle Relief to see how the Buffalo Bike is helping to improve this situation.

The power of bicycles

Today bike riders from the Paderborn Rotary Club started into a charity ride to create publicity and to collect donations for 250 Buffalo Bikes, which is an excellent idea in my view. The Rotary Clubs from Hanau and Warsaw sent riders as well and they are going to meet all together in Prag within four days.

A map showing a part of Germany, Poland, Czech, and Austria and red lines starting from Paderborn, Hanau, and Warsaw ending in Prag.
The star ride to Prag, source Rotary

The cycling clubs from Paderborn, Borchen, Schloß Neuhaus and Rietberg met today at 9 AM in Paderborn to join the Rotary riders and provide them a slipstream for their first kilometers. We rode together to Warburg, then the Rotary riders had to ride alone and the cycling clubs returned to their homes. For us, who are not heading to Prag, it was a beautiful 120k ride. We were enjoying the beautiful weather and our company. The Rotary riders still have an epic ride in front of them. Best of luck for you! Stay healthy and have no accidents!

A group of riders in their dark blue Rad-Treff-Borchen jerseys standing with their bicycles in front of the Paderborn city hall
Prepare to start the ride at the Paderborn city hall
The riders of the RMC Schloß Neuhaus made a nice video with impressions of the ride from Paderborn to Warburg