Atkinson Hyperlegible

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font is aiming at greater legibility and readability for low vision readers. Goal achieved.

The characters il1coe displayed in Atkinson Hyperlegible
The Il1 coe check of Atkinson Hyperlegible is excellent

Don´t miss Oliver´s review[1] of Atkinson Hyperlegible and his hints for pairing[2] with other fonts. There is also an article[3] by Susanna Zaraysky on the Material Design Blog. The font is available on Google Fonts[4].

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font is named after Braille Institute founder, J. Robert Atkinson. What makes it different from traditional typography design is that it focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability. We are making it free for anyone to use!

The glyphs B8 1Til set in Atkinson Hyperlegible black in front of a cold blue background.
Atkinson Hyperlegible

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