Rumbeck, Freienohl, Berge, Eslohe, Fretter, Meinkenbracht, Hellefeld

Road bike tour: 92 km and 1435 m up. The first half of the tour has too much traffic, I couldn´t enjoy it. The second half is beautiful with nice views and calm streets. Maybe it makes sense to ride on a Sunday morning with less traffic. I rode on a Friday late afternoon.

The images are mostly from the second half of the tour. Those are typical Sauerland views and you see there is quite some climbing required. It´s near where I´ve grown up.

Hilly summer landscape with a curvy road pointing down A tiny chapel A small road pointing up and with dark trees at the left side and heavy clouds A curvy road winding down A street sign saying '15% incline' and a small road pointing up into a dark forest A hilly landscape in the eventing sun with bushes, grasm, and small trees