Training materials for the seahorse badge

24 Dec 2021
Emil´s swim goggles, a diving ring, and soap. The training materials we need to get him the seahorse badge. That´s our project for this year.
26 Dec 2021
Emil used his new diving ring to exercise for the seahorse badge. That made a huge difference. Seeing the red ring underwater and trying to get it was a motivation booster. Also having proper goggles is helping a lot. At the end, Emil could dive deeper than required!
9 Jan 2022
In our todays swimming, for the first time Emil jumped into the water and swam more than the necessary 25 meters in a row. At the end he was surprised by how far he could get. Both of us are very proud.
24 Jan 2022
Usually we swim in the mornings, but this time it was Sunday late afternoon. It was a relaxed session with ring diving, a bit of swimming and watersliding.
Emil after swimming
6 Feb 2022
Today we jumped from aside into the water and tried to swim the entire 25 meters. Ring diving was also on our list. We didn´t swim the full distance, probably 15 meters, but we did that multiple times. And Emil starts using the water instead of just trying to stay at the surface. All in all a very pleasant session.
12 Feb 2022
Again, jumping from aside, swimmig 15 meters multiple times, and diving.
I found this trainig video of which we will use some exercises.
Also this video contains some ideas to try at home.
27 Feb 2022
We were playing. Diving for rings, jumping into the water, and relaxing.
Hair drying
6 Mar 2022


A day of great achievements. Right at the start Emil jumped into the water and swam 35 meters, did a short break, and completed the 50 meters. I asked him if he liked to do some jumps into the water to have some fun. He wanted to do the jumps from the other side of the pool. I thought we would walk around the pool to come to the other side but Emil wanted to swim all the 50 meters back, which he did without a break.

Then we went into a different pool for ring diving and that is a big fun, because with his goggles Emil is like a fish in the water when reaching for a ring.

14 May 2022
Emil is now pretty good at swimming 50 meters and diving for rings. The only thing we have to work on is to breath out into the water. I think that´s asking a lot from a 6 year old but the seahorse badge requires it. So we are now working on that breathing rhythm.
7 August 2022
Emil has done it! It was not planned at that day. We went to the open air pool and because we have not been practicing much for the seahorse recently we made a dry run of the exam. It went so well that both of us were curious if the life guard would take the exam with Emil. The life guard was immediately ready for the endeavor – as well as Emil. The only slight difficulty which we didn´t practice for upfront was the diving. Emil was used to dive with goggles but in the exam the diving needs to happen without goggles (I was not aware). In the end also that one went well!
Emil during the seahorse exam
The seahorse diploma. Congratulations Emil!