Japanese Carpentry

Our tiny family is building a house. We are shortly before moving into the new place and I´m exhausted by the entire process. Building a house drained my batteries. In 2021 I certainly don´t want to spend my time making phone calls and appointments with builders.

Then I saw this beautiful film[1] of a japanese carpenter building a wooden house for a family, and I thought by myself, with this guy I would be willing to build another house.

In my opinion this is how any work should be done. This is how I have to do my work.

We believe that in this house, you can live with peace of mind all the way to your grandchildren´s generation.

Akinori Abo, builder of the kigumi house
Kigumi House

  1. The film was shared by Dave Rupert with his post Traditional Japanese carpentry versus modern times. The film itself is part of a YouTube channel. ↩︎