Weeknotes 29

  • Utopia is an algorithm to calculate fluid type size for responsive websites. It´s made by James Gilyead and Trys Mudford. There’s no program or dependency to install. James and Trys have a Fluid Type Scale Calculator and a CSS Generator. Here is a sample page for how it works.
  • To improve initial load speed and also for aesthetics, I changed the site to use only system fonts. This got me rid of 200kb initial load. The site is now using Plain Old Georgia for all serif text and the system sans-serif/monospace for everything else. Sometimes it´s astonishing how good an old and well-established typeface can look.
  • Mark Boulton has Arpona in his type specimen newsletter. Beautiful, the type as well as the specimen. The designer of the type is Felix Braden.
  • CSS Tricks on memorizing scroll position across page loads, which is based on Hakim El Hattabs initial tweet.
  • I´m currently taking the free Better Web Type course which is made by Matej Latin.