Weeknotes 11

  • This guy Jack McDade knows how to design a web page. Jack made Justin Jackson´s page, which I think is an exceptional piece of work. Wow. Jack is also working on a radical design course. What could be the name of the style – delicate brutalism?
  • Reading Jonathan Snook´s take on a magazine grid. Jonathan is pointing out himself that popping out random articles in bigger size might irritate users and I have the same concern. I think all sizes and layout should have a meaning.
  • Keir Watson is describing his process to produce a magazine grid with similar properties in incredible detail on CSS Tricks. In fact his CSS grid code does a lot of things in an excellent way while it is only 20 lines long. His explanation however, is multi-page long.
  • Andy Bell describes a technique to break out of the mould of your fixed-width container to create visual interest.
  • I learned there are keywords for defining system fonts in CSS, e.g. caption, menu, and message-box.
  • 11ty, Netlify and probably Workbox could be a combination to be used for a nice blog rebuild project, which would eventually turn into a PWA. People seem to be satisfied with 11ty+Netlify.
  • Because of the Coronavirus many people are staying away from the office now. Working from home. Not travelling anymore. Change in behavior and perception. I was talking to Petr, a colleague from Czech Republic, and he told me it´s not allowed to cross the country borders for 3 months from now and schools are closed for 2 months. In Germany schools will be closed for 5 weeks at least. Public events are cancelled, people are doing hamster purchase. Slowly it´s getting scary, though personally I don´t know anyone being infected. I realize that our way of living is not for granted. I´m getting reminded to the book „Blindness“ from José Saramago, where a city is hit by an epidemic „white blindness.“ A book I enjoyed reading. „The Plague“ from Albert Camus could also be something to read again – I think I´ve done it 35 years ago.