Weeknotes 10

  • Watched „Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia“ again. It´s the best of the series. I can recommend this film for anyone who is into cycling.
  • Restarted my sports routine after two weeks of sickness. Next goal is the half marathon in Paderborn at the 11th of April. I hope I stay healthy until then and can do something to improve my shape – it´s necessary 😃.
  • Beautiful page from Oslo-based Sarah Fossheim. An incredible piece of work to create a Polaroid camera with CSS gradients only. Probably more useful for my daily work is her article Designing accessible data visualizations. Overall, I´m impressed.
  • Priority Guides, as a content-first alternative to wireframes, is a concept that makes sense to me. Advantages over wireframes, as stated in the list apart article: Priority guides are suitable for responsive design, the process is content first, you do not waste time with aesthetics and layout, visual designer creativity is facilitated, a priority guide is similar to html.
  • After a discussion with one of our project managers from Mexico I watched Richard Wilkinson: „How economic inequality harms societies“ again. It´s stunning to me how Richard can make the point that our lives suffer – also the lives of the wealthy – if we allow too much of inequality in our societies.
  • How great is the „Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development“ 😃. Unfortunately a reality in many cases.