A markdown-it plugin to trim some whitespace from the resulting markup. The trimming occurs during the rendering process of the markup.

Opening list items with <li> #

After opening list items with <li> , any whitespace, including new lines, is removed. This can be useful when you are styling your list items with li::before and use display settings of inline or inline-grid (as an example). In such scenarios a whitespace between the opening <li> tag and the following content would always be rendered as an additional space by the browser, which is something you typically wouldn´t want.

HTML written inside of your markdown text will not be affected by this plugin - only markdown output rendering is altered.

With the markdown-it-trimmer the following output html will never be produced:

<p>Hello world</p>

Instead, the markup will get trimmed into:

<li><p>Hello world</p>

Install #

npm i markdown-it-trimmer

Usage #

var markdownIt = require('markdown-it');
var markdownItTrimmer = require('markdown-it-trimmer');

html: true

Configuration #

There is no configuration.