It´s ok to …

Reading through the materials that complement the GOV.UK Design Principles I came across this poster, which I like very much. I´m convinced it is not only beneficial when applied within a design process.

It´s okay to … feel the way you feel, talk about how you´re feeling, ask for feedback, have days off, have off days, go outside during work, switch off at the end of the day, not constantly check chat and emails, have screen breaks, say you´re not comfortable with something, raise your concerns, be you, change your mind, say no, have other things going on, have a meeting, not have a meeting, turn off notifications, block time out to think and reflect, approach tasks your own way, work flexibly, turn your camera off, take time off if you´re not well, make mistakes, say you don´t understand, ask for help, put yourself first, love what you do.