MacPaw Fixel is a free, variable, unique grotesque with a human touch.

A type sample of Fixel, stating: Fixel is a typeface in two styles, Text and Display, and offers nine weight options ranging from Thin to Black. Its distinctive feature is a unique combination of geometric and humanist grotesques, which results in open letter forms, wide width, crisp edges, and low contrast, striking a balance between restraint and a sense of playfulness and dynamism. We intentionally designed Fixel typeface to avoid being overly expressive for improved use with large volumes of text. Nevertheless, certain symbols such as the letters
A sample of Fixel

Again, again, Oliver made me aware with his font friday, which was about Fixel this time. Fixel has interesting stylistic alternates, and, as Oliver is pointing out: Compared to Neue Helvetica, the apertures of e and a of Fixel are more open. The typeface is also wider and seems softer. The alternates are activated with CSS font-feature-settings: "salt", "ss01"; Fixel is available in a display style and in a text style.

The alternates of Fixel for the latin charset The alternates of Fixel for the cyrillic charset
Fixel alternates
Fixel font intro