What´s my DNS?

Today I was delegating DNS adminstration for ulf.codes from Strato to Netlify. During the process I needed to know what´s my DNS MX value and I couldn´t read it from the Strato settings because Strato was only saying Strato Mailserver.
A call of whatsmydns.net/dns-lookup/ for ulf.codes revealed, the Strato mail server setting is:


Using Netlify name servers for my personal site, which is hosted by Netlify, is a huge performance booster. Measured in my current environment, the times for a page load improved from 1.2 s down to 0.6 s! I´m measuring with the PerformanceNavigationTiming API the loadEventStart, which is representing the time value equal to the time immediately before the load event of the current document is fired.

Also the load times on a global scale are now lightning fast. You can verify that by navigating to testmysite.io for ulf.codes.