Jamstack Community Survey 2021

This is an interesting survey: Jamming into the Mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021. E.g., in the Jamstack adoption section you learn that serverless functions are most widely used and provide the highest developer satisfaction. The technology choices section tells you that the Jamstack is mostly running on JavaScript.

The world is changing, and the Jamstack—and the developers who use it—is changing with it. Based on what you’ve told us this year, we’ve observed shifts within our developer community. What these changes tell us paints a picture of a world in which more people are coming to our community as new developers, often as students; some of the largest web sites and apps are built on the Jamstack; and more and more industries are represented in Jamstack development.

In other words, the Jamstack is touching all industries. We’ve gone mainstream as more developers learn about Jamstack. It’s the new way to build applications and websites, and it’s where the industry is going. Even more, it’s a thriving community that is growing fast as a wave of mainstream adoption continues, driven by fantastic scaling, high performance, and workflows and tooling that developers love.

Conclusion of the survey