The heading font used on THE Eleventy Meetup website sprang to my eye. The font is named Londrina and it is a beautiful and interesting font for the purpose of headings or accents. Google fonts has a Londrina Super Font Family, made by Marcelo Magalhães, and consisting of

On Marcelo´s page are samples of Londrina. Marcelo describes his font on GitHub as follows:

The origins of the Londrina typeface project is in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Urban confusion. Initially I designed the "New Folk" for use in a poster, with only uppercase letters. I saw at the start some potential for a typeface that could recall the feelings of the writing used day-to-day in my city's informal communication, and developed it into a typeface family with lowercases too.
Marcelo Magalhães
A poster with a drawing of a historic Volkswagen van, and a headline saying 'Sweet Miss Emma Lee' set in Londrina Shadow.
Londrina Shadow and Londrina Solid in use. The image is taken from Marcelo Magalhães´ Londrina sample page.