testmysite.io is a website speed test tool by Netlify that measures site performance for different locations:

The results for my site are:

Site speed results for ulfschneider.io as of 04 Sep, 2022

The tool will give hints for possible improvements. In my case it is:

Your site is on Netlify, but you’re not taking full advantage of our global content delivery network.
You should always link your domain to Netlify with a CNAME record when possible, and avoid using an A record with a single IP.
A CNAME will let Netlify direct the user to the closest CDN point of presence, which improves performance by an order of magnitude.
Most DNS providers won’t allow CNAME records for a “naked domain”, since this is not well supported by the DNS spec.
If you stay with a DNS provider that requires an A record on the naked domain, we recommend that you use the www domain as your primary address.

Because of this kind of recommendation I think testmysite.io complements the well known Google Lighthouse test.