Stack Overflow Developer Survey

This week a colleague shared the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022. Admittedly, I wasn´t aware they have such a thing. It´s interesting to read through it. For example:

A majority of respondents (75%) have been working for 14 or fewer years as a professional developer, meaning they´ve never worked in a world without Stack Overflow.
Developer Survey 2022

I learned, I´m within the small bunch of 1.2% who have 35 to 39 years of coding experience. It doesn´t feel like a long time for me, but looking at the numbers I cannot avoid the impression that indeed it is a long time.

Another interesting result is:

This year we see more developers identifying as having a concentration and/or memory disorder (10.6%), anxiety disorder (10.3%), mood or emotional disorder (9.7%).
Developer Survey 2022

Stack Overflow does the survey since 2011 and they have an archive of the past surveys.