How to picture a bicycle

I´m planning to take pictures of my Fairlight Strael. Here are my thoughts to prepare the shooting:

  • Find a location. I want to make pictures outdoors.
  • Think about the weather. Super bright and sunny weather is not ideal because that makes hard light and hard shadows. Cloudy skies with diffuse light, during the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, might be more interesting. If it is not raining at the day of picture taking you can ride with the bike to the location while keeping it clean.
  • Clean the bike upfront and carry a cleaning rag to the location (just in case)
  • Be prepared to prop the bike and try your method before doing the actual pictures. I´m planning to use a set of thin sticks. They are thin because finally I want to retouche them away from the photos. Also, thin sticks are easy to carry.
    A hand holding three thin sticks One stick attached to the bottom bracket axcle of the crank arm
    My DIY minimalistic mobile bike stand(s)
  • Before taking the pictures set the chain into a desired gear and position the drive side crank arm horizontally pointing to the front
  • Maybe position the wheels with valves at the bottom
  • Have the camera prepared with lenses and charged batteries. A longer lense is better suited to frame the entire bike than a short lense.
  • An open aperture will be the correct camera setting for most of the photos
  • Think about what to picture, for me it is
    • Complete bike drive side total
    • Complete bike drive side from the front
    • Complete bike drive side from the back
    • Full front
    • Full back
    • Fork details
    • Frame details
    • Handlebars from the back
    • Handlebars from the side
    • Headset and stem
    • Crankset
    • Derailleurs
    • Calipers
    • Experiment at the location and move around, maybe you get additional ideas
Bicycle Photography 101: How to Take a Picture of Your Bike. I found this explanation pretty helpful.