Weeknotes 52

  • Sarah Fossheim publishes her new project website ethicaldesign.guide. „… Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.“

I did a huge overhaul of my website:

  • Changed the page layout to a centered text layout. It feels to me like the centering is letting the text appear more sublime, by providing balanced whitespace around it. I think it makes the reading experience more pleasant. I still didn´t use flex-box or grid for the layout, because collapsing margins are important to me when designing a website for mostly text – and flex and grid don´t offer that.
  • Changed the typeface from Georgia/Sans-Serif/Monospace to iA Writer Quattro, a four-spaced typeface (so, nearly monospace). „… It shares similarities with a proportional typeface. At the same time it retains a lot of the technical virtues of the classic typewriter fonts using wider gaps between the words and giving each letter more room that a classic, fully proportional face.“ The folks at iA gave most letters the same space, except: some letters like i,j,l received 50% of the normal letterspace; f, r, and t received 75%; m and w got 150%.
  • Reduced the amount of information that´s presented in the titles. E.g. I´m not showing subtitles anymore. The only things left are the author (if any), the date of writing, and the tagging.