Man conquers the cosmos

Today I saw this picture in „der Freitag“, Nr. 24, June 4th 2020.

"Man conquers the cosmos." Mosaic made by Fritz Eisel in 1972. Located at the data center in Potsdam.

To me, it´s talking about departure, collaborative achievement, and at the same time about unfulfilled hopes. I once heard that equal education opportunities, like we had in Germany in the last century, where not so much a result of practicing humanity, but instead was rooted in a will to respond to the so called sputnik shock. The sputnik shock is the name the western world gave to the huge impression the russians made with being able to the send the first satellite into space on the 4th of October in 1957. It was about to beat the russians in the race into space, which required more education. This is not a topic anymore, and so is „equal opportunities.“

I found a bit more context about the mosaic at BERLINS TAIGA.