Tire pressure calculator

Calculate your optimal tire pressure based on surface, tire width, wheel diameter, tire type, avg. speed, and weight distribution on your bike, with the Silca …

Bike gearing calculator

Use bikecalc.com to calculate the best chainring/sprocket combinations for your speed and cadence and what your speed will be at various cadences.

How to change an inner tube

Follow the two principles: create slack into the tire and work towards the valve! An incredibly well made YouTube video about how to change a …

The Alt Tour

Watch Lachlan Morton riding The Alt Tour to Paris.
18 days, 5509 km, 66831 m of climbing, 225 hrs of riding.

Tour Divide

Lael Wilcox trying to ride the Tour Divide, 2750 miles, in under 14 days. A Rapha Gone Racing film on youtube.

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